Nu skal crowdfunding prøves …

Vil du være med til at sætte en ny billedbog i verden? Jeg og Patrick Steptoe laver billedbogen “Erik sælger huset” – du kan hjælpe bogen på vej via Kickstarter.

Støt projektet ved at trykke på dette link.


Fantastic review of “Zenobia” on Arts Hub Australia

75088F7F-B612-470E-8E15-FE44583380C4.png“Zenobia is a remarkable book that sends a strong message about one of the world’s most persistent crises. Its power lies in its visual simplicity and a very few poignant words but, above all, it is impossible not to identify with Amina and her parents and uncle. Their story becomes your own; their family, your own family. In short, if any book can be perfect, this is it.” Erich Mayer.



“Graphic storytelling at its most powerful” – Kirkus Reviews – “Zenobia”

Graphic storytelling at its most powerful … so says Kirkus Reviews about our graphic novel “Zenobia”! The US edition will be out in november by Seven Stories Press / Triangle Square. Read the full review here. For rights enquiries – AM Book.

Three of my books have agency representation for China … Beijing bookfair.

To Chinese publishers interested in seriously funny books: three of my titles now have agency representation for China. The agent is Xi Ai, Studio XI. The books are “The Robot Poops for Real”, “The Swapped Willies” and “A Poop with a Thousand Legs”. Yes – that’s what they are called! At least for now. Xi Ai will be at the Beijing Bookfair. 

“Zenobia” sold for publication in Japan

I am thrilled to announce that our graphic novel has been sold for publication in Japan. The publisher is “Thousands of Books” – they operate by crowdfunding – which is something I have wanted to try for quite a while. So if all goes well “Zenobia” will be out in Japan next year. Thanks to Miyako Araki and AM Book for putting the pieces together!